RUE Episode 38 Pets Comprehension

Dogs are one of the two most popular Pets in the United States. A young dog is called a puppy.

This episode is all about pets as well as Listening Comprehension, hence the episode name Pets Comprehension.  We also look at the general classification of animals in terms of their degree of domestication. We also take advantage of the word “pet” to introduce another step in basic English phonics.

Our cat Pumpkin. Cats are great pets, but they’re different from dogs.

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Language Objective: Apply learned vocabulary and prior knowledge to comprehend a video clip about pets. Classify various animals in terms of their degree of domestication.  Identify the short E sound and use it to sound out words containing the short E.

Academic Content Objectives:  Science: Explain the habitat needs of various animals according to their degree of domestication.  Agriculture: List the way that animal needs are met for domesticated animals and how those needs are met with wild animals.  Civics: Citizenship: List the responsibilities of a pet owner in meeting the needs of their pets.

Video Clips used in this Episode:

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Lesson Materials:

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