RUE Episode 39 Comparing and Constrasting Pets

Dogs are one of the two most popular Pets in the United States. A young dog is called a puppy.
Dogs are one of the two most popular Pets in the United States. A young dog is called a puppy.

Episode 39 has us performing the language function of Comparing and Contrasting pets, particularly cats and dogs; our most popular pets in the United States.

Our cat Pumpkin. Cats are great pets, but they're different from dogs.
Our cat Pumpkin. Cats are great pets, but they’re different from dogs.









Watch and download Episode 39 by clicking here. We compare and contrast America’s favorite pets, cats and dogs.  We show how they’re alike and how they’re different.  We use a Venn Diagram to mark these similarities and differences, and we pull from that to write sentences.

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Special Note – Factual Error

In the following lesson on Comparing and contrasting, I incorrectly stated that the long, pointed teeth in cats are called “feline teeth.”  That’s an error.  Although these teeth are in the mouth of a feline animal, they are still called “canine teeth.” Instead on making this erroneous contrast, please substitute another difference.  How about that most cats avoid immersion in water, while many dogs enjoy it? Please incorporate that or another contrast into the sentences you write.

Video Links

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In this episode, we also learn about a serious disease that’s carried by mammals by seeing a segment of a program called Animals Impacting Our Health with host Bob Schopp. While dogs were often carriers of the disease rabies when I was a child, they are no longer the carriers in the United States.  The main carriers today are bats.  Dog do remain carriers of rabies in Mexico and most of Asia. Rabies is a fatal disease if not treated promptly. It’s important to vaccinate your dogs and cats against rabies, as almost any mammal can be a host to rabies.

Language Objective:

We use conjunctions and clue words to compare and contrast two familiar objects: cats and dogs.

Academic Content Objectives:

Animals Science: Compare and contrast two species to note their similarities and differences. Use a Venn Diagram to chart similarities and differences (how 2 animals are alike and how they are different).


Video Clips:

Click here to see the video clip on Pet Care

Click here to see an interview about rabies in Oregon



Learning Materials:

Here are the visual materials we used to compare and contrast Dogs and Cats:

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