RUE Episode 41: Farm Animals 2

Kids for sale?  Yes, but it’s not what you think. Welcome to the Episode 41 page. I begin this episode by announcing that kids are for sale in my neighborhood.  If you understand that the word “kid” is an informal way of saying “child,” you’ll be relieved to learn that “kid” is also the term for a baby goat.  Kid is just one of the special names we have for farm animals.  The main focus in this episode, though, is to master the general names for farm animals.  This will grow in importance as we advance through this unit on animals.

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Language Objective: Identify common farm animals by their English names. Recall that farm animals have specific names according to their gender and age. Recognize and pronounce the short i sound in CVC English words.

Academic Content Objectives: Agriculture: Recall the names of common farm Animals. Identify animal names by gender and age, using more specific names.

Learning Activities

Viewers were quizzed on their knowledge of the names of these common farm animals:

Now quiz yourself.  Name the animals pictured below.  An answer key will be further down the page so you can check your accuracy.
















Now look below to find the answers to the quiz.
















Special Farm Animal Names

Later in Episode 41, we shared special names of farm animals, according to their gender and age. These are not to master unless you want to ramp up your animal knowledge even higher.

One female sheep, called a ewe.
Three and a half sheep. We only see the hind quarters of one sheep.








A mama pig is called a sow. Look at all the piglets she’s nursing!
A young goat is called a kid.
A mama goat is called a nanny.









Here’s a mallard duck hen. Can you count all her ducklings?
A calf licking its mom.
A group of cattle.








This heifer is nursing her calf.
A male chicken is called a rooster. They crow in the morning.
This mother hen is protecting her chicks from the rain. She takes her chicks under her wings.








The mama horse is called a mare. The baby is called a foal or a colt. A daddy horse is a stallion.
A Chicken
Her’s a mama chicken – a hen with 6 chicks








This is an adult cat. A young cat is called a kitten
Dogs are one of the two most popular Pets in the United States. A young dog is called a puppy.















Video Clips

We used two video clips in this episode.  One helped us review the names of farm animals by singing “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”

Click here to see that clip from Flick Box Productions and to sing along.

We also featured a video clip about a very special farm in Jackson County, Oregon called Sanctuary One.  Join us as we hear from Brooke Mueller, Sanctuary One’s Education director by clicking here.  Learn more about Sanctuary One by viewing this episode of Adventures in Education.

Basic Phonics

We use the word PIG to illustrate the short i sound. We used the slides below to build a word family that rhymes with PIG.








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