RUE Episode 42 Farm Animals Part 3

Learning Farm Animal Names is our focus on RUE Episode 42 Farm Animals Part 3.  We feature a video clip about farm animals and share strategies for remembering those animal names. This episode also includes some idioms and common sayings. English has some fun animal sayings involving farm animals, and we get to learn some of those in this episode. We also go to basic geometric shapes to help us describe farm animals.  We’re setting up the foundation for reporting on wild animals, which will follow in future episodes.

Watching the program

You can watch the entire Episode 42 of Ramping Up your English as seen on TV by clicking on the link below.

View Episode 42

View by segment

You can also view this episode in segments of about 10 minutes each.  Segment One can be seen by clicking here.

Watch Segment 2

View Segment 3

Video Clips

We used some video clips to help support today’s lessons.  We first showed Farm Animals, part 2. Click here to watch that video clip.

Animal Sayings

In English, we have a number of sayings that apply to people but have to do with certain animals.  Here are some we shared during this episode:

Description using geometric shapes

Basic geometric shapes can help in describing the physical characteristics of animals.  Here are some common basic geometric shapes:

These basic shapes along with the names of farm animals in English will help us in the language functions needed for researching wild animals.

Language Functions: Identify common farm animals from pictures in English. Identify basic geometric shapes from pictures in English. Describe common farm animals using basic geometric shapes that resemble animal body parts.

Academic Content Objectives: Math: Identify basic geometric shapes. Animals Science: Identify common farm animals.  List main body parts of common farm animals.  Describe common farm animals by approximating to geometric figure that most resembles the animal’s body or body parts.

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