RUE Episode 58 Primates

We just can’t seem to leave Africa until we’ve seen something of the continent’s primates, so we present RUE Episode 58 Primates. We’re especially interested in how primates think and feel from a scientific perspective. We also enjoy a video showing a number of  African Animals to give viewers some ideas if they want to research and report on an animal from Africa.

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Videos used in this Episode

Click here to watch the video on Chimpanzees.

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Watch the interview with Virginia Morell about her work with Jane Goodall.

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More about animals’ interior life. Watch an interview with Gaye Bradshaw, an Animal Nuero-psychologist. She has documented Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in African Elephants. Dr. Bradshaw shares her research with viewers from her book Elephants on the Edge. New York Times Magazine also features Dr. Bradshaw’s research in an article “Are We Driving Elephants Crazy?”

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See African animals for report ideas. Watch iit ad-free on  Click here.

Language Objectives
Retell the central theme of an interview about a known topic. List 3 things you learned from a video clip about a topic within a unit of study.

Academic Content Objectives

Science: Cite an example of an action by an animal that indicates a logical thinking process. Identify the central theme of two videos about chimpanzees. Name a bias in scientific research that relates to animal behavior. Explain the basic social structure of a group of chimpanzees. Cite an example of animal behavior that indicates the possible presence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in animals. Explain the link between PTSD and the ability to feel emotions.

Lesson Summary

General information about chimpanzees is shared in a short video – using mostly footage from the Oakland, California Zoo. Then an interview is featured with Virginia Morell, author of Animal Wise – a reflection on her learning about chimpanzees and her work with Jane Goodall. The interview is from an episode of Life Passages with host Nancy Bloom. The interview reveals an example of logical thought processes by chimpanzees and begs the question about whether or not animals feel emotions.

A second interview segment features Gaye Bradshaw PhD in animal psychology. She shares research on a group of African elephants that became diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This begs the question of whether or not animals experience emotions. Dr. Bradshaw shared convincing, science-based evidence from her book Elephants on the Edge and from an article in New York Times Magazine entitled “Are We Driving Elephants Crazy?” This is a segment of an interview on the RVTV Voices program Animal Matters, produced by Wanda Borland.

Special Notes

The producer thanks Nancy Bloom for use of her interview with Virginia Morell. Nancy’s program on RVTV Voices is Life Passages. Nancy received the Life Achievement Award at the 2017 Southern Oregon Television Awards. Nancy has been producing and hosting Life Passages for over 20 years.

I also want to thank Wanda Borland for the segment of the interview with Gaye Bradshaw on Animal Matters. Wanda received the award for Producer of the Year at the Southern Oregon Television Awards in 2017.

Next Episode

In Episode 59, we leave the great animals of Africa for the world of Reptiles.  Click here to visit the Episode 59 page.