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To Viewers in Southern Oregon

On September 8th, Southern Oregonians were shocked when fire raced through the Bear Creek Valley – causing catastrophic damage to the towns of Talent and Phoenix. Somewhere around 1,500 homes and businesses were destroyed within minutes.

The community came together beautifully in getting immediate relief to the fire victims. Now the needs have shifted to rehousing . This long-term help is sorely needed. Community members are serious about not losing the residents who have made these towns such special places.


While this website is not equipped to accept donations, the link below takes you to organizations that are helping. This is through Rogue Credit Union which matched earlier grants up to $100,000. They have already reached that level, but they will still process online donations. The link below also has links to organizations that are helping. While RVTV producers seem to have escaped the destruction, we are all working together to help heal our community. Here are some ways you can help:

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The Phoenix/Talent School District has seen most of their families effected by this catastrophe. They have a donation program to help their families. Click here to go to their Homepage where you can help.

I hope these connections allow viewers to help.

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John Letz

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Episode 101 Summary

This is another episode that bends completely to content. We continue to build our content knowledge with the episode Al Sur – to the south in Spanish. Our video follows Spanish explorers and colonizers south into South America. The focus is on the Guarani people and how the activities of Portuguese slave traders, Spanish governors, and Jesuit missionaries all affected the ways of life of the widespread Guarani people and their culture.

Watching Episode 101

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Language Objectives

This episode is mainly about applying previous learning with Listening Comprehension. After watching the video, can you briefly summarize the historical information that’s presented in the video? Remember, you can always watch the video more than once if you’re unsure. The important thing is to sketch out what the video communicates.

Define vocabulary used in the video: South America, Expedition, Slavery, Spanish, Portuguese, New Laws, Colonists (Colonizers), Missionaries, Missions, Religion, Invasion, Human Rights, Rebellion, Military Force, Indigenous, Treaty.

Academic Content Objectives

Identify proponents of indigenous rights during the early colonization of South America.

List ways the indigenous people were exploited by Spanish and Portuguese interlopers.

Explain the role of slavery in the economy of early European colonialism.

Identify the causes of population decline in Guarani and other communities in South America resulting from contact with Europeans.

Explain the cause/effect relationship between actions by Europeans and the effects they had on Native American communities in South America.

Identify the motivations of explorers and colonists for involvement in South America.

List at least two features of the New Laws imposed by King Carlos of Spain.

Explain why these New Laws were unsuccessful in protecting the indigenous people.

Extrapolate how Euro/Indigenous relations may have changed if the New Laws had been obeyed.

Identify the motivation of the Jesuit missionaries in working with the Native Americans.

Characterize the nature of the relationship between Jesuit missionaries and the Guarani people – both christianized and non christianized.

Explain why many Guarani became supporters of the Jesuit missions.

Explain the cause/effect relationship between actions of the Jesuit missionaries (backed by the Spanish king) and the Mission Guarani in repelling the slave raiders.

Explain how the Treaty between Spain and Portugal proved to be a disaster for the Guarani people.

Videos Used in Episode 101

Most of Episode 101 consisted of a single video about Spanish activity in South America. Click here to see that video.

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