RUE Episode 52 Biomes

Welcome to Episode 52 of Ramping Up your English; our episode on Biomes.

Our last episode had us explore habitats. Now we look at biomes and the relationship they have to the habitat of an animal. We use bighorn sheep and American Bison as our examples of finding information on biomes and reporting on it.

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Some of the materials used in this episode were created by others and either reviewed or used under Fair Use copyright laws. The producer wishes to acknowledge and thank the following:

National Geographic – Animals of the High Mountains by Judith E Rinard – a review

ISBN 0870447718

Celebration PressAnimals of the Tundra by Richard Vaughan – a review

(This book appears to be out of Print. Visit  to find other great books.)

Enchanted Learning ( Biomes chart

Flying Frog Publisher Polar Animals foldout book – a review ISBN 1-87755-636-4

Teacher Created Materials – Poster (

National Wildlife Federation – Animal sketches from the unit Home is where the Habitat is

There are tons of great materials at the website  They offer a great source of animal info.

International Masters PublishersWildlife Explorer cards (Wildlife Explorer is a registered trademark)


Language Objectives

Use verbs and verb phrases to connect facts about an animal’s habitat. Locate facts about an animal’s habitat and the biome where such habitat is found in written material. Write facts about an animal’s habitat and the biome in which such habitat appears.

Academic Content Objectives

Name the four habitat needs that all animals have. Describe a biome by listing traits such as rainfall, vegetation, temperature, and animal life. Distinguish between the concepts of habitat and biome. Explain how the concepts of habitat and biome relate to each other. Explain how a certain habitat may be found in a number of biomes. Identify habitats that are likely to be found in certain Biomes.

Episode Summary

Using Bighorn Sheep,  Mountain Goats, Dall Sheep, and American Bison as examples, we explore the concept of Biome and how it relates to Habitat. We model finding information about an animal’s habitat and using verbs and verb phrases to connect habitat information to compose sentences for reporting on an animal’s habitat.

Materials used in Episode 52

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Finding information about bighorn sheet on an Animal Adventures card from International Masters Publishers.
A quick review of habitat needs
Animal behavior information found inside Animal Adventure Card.
Range of Bighorn Sheep. Note the Snake River area.
Habitat information also found inside card. This is our source for taking notes.
Report on habitat using information from the wildlife Adventure card. (Wildlife Adventure is a registered trademark.)
Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat kid
Mountain Goats
Dall Sheep from Wildlife Adventure card.

Dominance behavior
Chart showing some terrestrial biomes
For discussion of Grasslands Biome
Information on American Bison habitat. This is a great resource for taking notes.
Map showing range of American Bison.

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