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Improving your English?  Go to the RUE episode pages below.  I suggest starting with Episode 1.  RUE stands for Ramping Up your English, a support program for intermediate level English Learners.  Learn more from the about us tab above, or dive right into the lessons, listed below.

Unit 1: Trains and Railroads

For Episodes 1-32 of Ramping Up your English,(RUE) visit  the Trains and Railroads Unit page.

Unit 2: Animals

Our 2nd unit is on Animals. Beginning with Episode 33, we use animals as our thematic unit. Click here to visit the unit page on Animals.

Unit 3: Native Americans

Our third unit is on Native Americans. Beginning with Episode 79, we use the study of Native Americans as our thematic unit. Click here to visit the unit page on Native Americans.


For Adventures in Education, visit the RVTV program Page. Choose Adventures in Education.

Shortcut to first Episodes

Follow the links below to visit the first episode pages.  These are all in the unit on Trains and Railroads.

RUE Episode 1                         RUE Episode 5

RUE Episode 2                         RUE Episode 6

RUE Episode 3                        RUE Episode 7

RUE Episode 4                          RUE Episode 8

RUE Episode 9                           RUE Episode 10

RUE Episode 11                          RUE Episode 12

RUE Episode 13                         RUE Episode 14

RUE Episode 15                          RUE Episode 16

RUE Episode 17                          RUE Episode 18

RUE Episode 19                          RUE Episode 20

RUE Episode 21                          RUE Episode 22

RUE Episode 23                         RUE Episode 24

RUE Episode 25                          RUE Episode 26

RUE Episode 27                          RUE Episode 28

RUE Episode 29                          RUE Episode 30

RUE Episode 31                           RUE Episode 32

This ends the first unit (Trains and Railroads). Episodes after number 32 are in the unit on Animals. Click here to visit the Unit page on animals, and see episodes 33 to 78.

This website supports viewers of Ramping Up your English (RUE) on RVTV. You’re in the right place to see lessons, watch episodes, stream the program, see video clips from the program, and enjoy bonus videos. It’s all about increasing your English Proficiency level from the intermediate level. You can have your questions answered here. If you’re an intermediate level English Learner, this site should help you Ramp Up your English! Get started by clicking the RVTV Program page.

Bonus Episodes

Viewers are offered bonus episodes from time to time. These are extra videos within our themes, but are not lessons. Click here to go to the Bonus Episodes page. From there, click on the episode you want to watch.