RUE Episode 34 Horse Vocabulary

Horse Vocabulary?  I’m sure horses have their own “words” to communicate with each other; but I’m referring here to English vocabulary that has to do with horses.

We have a bunch of vocabulary to learn in our unit on Animals, but since we’re taking this close look at horses, we have some specific vocabulary relating to horses in this episode.

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Episode 34

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Segment 3

Video Clips used in Episode 34:

Horses Part 3

To see Horses Part 3 without ads, click here. You go to where you can watch or download the video.

Introduction to Animals

To watch Introdection To Animals on, click here.

Language Objectives:

Use specific language to describe the color of an object (a horse).

Use prior knowledge to employ listening skills in understanding video content.

Employ listening skills and visual recognition to become familiar with the theme of this unit.

Academic Content Objectives:

Animal Science: List habitat needs of animals and how those needs are met for domesticated animals.

Agriculture: Summarize the needs of horses and how those needs can be met. Apply vocabulary about a horse’s color and gaits when speaking or writing about horses

Language Activities:

We used an interview between the host and the show’s director to convey information about horses.  Listening skills are used to glean information about this topic from the interview, including: the needs of a horse, the different speeds of movement, some body parts of a horse, and the specific words that refer to the color of horses. We also heard in the interview some of the characteristics of horses that go far beyond their physical attributes.  Our interview subject even goes as far as saying that she thinks of horses as “shamans with four legs.  It was an interview rich in content that you may want to watch again by clicking the link to this video clip.


Supporting the Unit Content

The video clip we employed in the third segment contains footage and stills of numerous animals and simple narration about each.  This prepares our intermediate English learners for the subsequent episodes in this unit on animals.

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Beyond the interview, instructional slides are used to show the vocabulary words we’re learning in this episode.


Alex McGlassen: Videography

Gary Mark Roberts: Videography

Denise Ross: Location/Interview Subject

Michelle Ross: Horse Rider

Do you like cats?  You’ll see cats and kittens in our next episode.  Click here to see the episode 35  page.