RUE Episode 37: Doggone Words

There are some doggone words in this episode that are important to know; consequently, this episode is dedicated to man’s best friend.  Writer Paul Handover shares his collection of canines with host John Letz at his home in Josephine County, Oregon. He and his wife share that home with group of dogs, some of them shelter dogs.

Learning From Dogs

Paul Handover published a book entitled Learning from Dogs. Paul asserts that dogs are animals of integrity, and the world would be better off if people learned that trait from these most familiar of animals. Furthermore, Handover advocates getting a dog in your life if you don’t already have one. Additionally, he urges people to consider making that a rescue dog.

About Episode 37

In  this episode, we look a words that categorize animals, be they wild, domesticated, or a pet.  Those are important words as they are important distinctions.  In addition,  we revisit basic phonics, finding words that rhyme with dog.  We also look back to our previous episode about cats, and list some saying in English that have to do with cats.

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Videos Used in this Episode

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Language Objectives

Recognize and pronounce the short O sound.

Find words that rhyme with dog.

Distinguish between wild, domesticated, and pet animals.

Recognize some English idioms and sayings related to cats

Academic Content Objectives

Animals Science: Recognize the role of love in the health and well-being of  pets.

List some basic material needs of dogs

Social Studies:

Explain the role that rescue shelters play in addressing the problem of unwanted animals.

Explain the role of individuals in addressing the problem of unwanted animals.

Identify characteristics of dogs that could be of benefit to society if developed in citizens.

Episode Summary

Ramping Up your English Host John Letz visits the home of writer Paul Handover and his wife – a home teaming with happy dogs. We watch the interaction with the dogs while Handover comments about the gifts that dogs give their owners.

Shelter Adoption

Paul advocates adopting dogs from rescue shelters, and even dedicates a portion of his book sales to the animal shelter in Josephine County, Oregon.  Most noteworthy, the video clips explore the connection people have with dogs, going back to our ancestors’ interaction with wolves.  Especially relevant, the key role of love in healing abused and traumatized animals is asserted by Handover.

Love is the Answer

We watch him walk the walk in his dedication to man’s best friend, insisting that love and caring for dogs is repaid many times over by what dogs have to offer people. Additionally, we back up to our last episode to learn some sayings having to do with cats.  We also learn a tiny bit of phonics, finding words that rhyme with dog.

Outside Links

Visit the website

I just visited this website and discovered a great list of things dog owners should do to make life good for their canine pets.  There’s a great deal of useful information on the website.  I recommend to viewers that you give it a visit.

Learning Materials

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Get a book about dogs and see how many of the words you can pronounce and recognize.

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