RUE Episode 43 Farm Animals Part 4

In RUE Episode 43 Farm Animals Part 4, we make our first move off the farm and into the world of wild animals. For English learners at the intermediate level, this episode offers a connection between the farm animals we’ve learned about and the wild animals we’re getting ready to explore. We’re using the knowledge of farm animals to build a bridge to research on wild animals. That task will require the use of many language functions. Viewers will apply knowledge in their native language to learning the content and language that’s soon to come to this website.

Watching Episode 43

Watch the entire Episode 43 as seen on RVTV in Southern Oregon.  Just click on the link below.

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View Episode 43 in segments

Click below to watch Episode 43 broken into segments of about 10 minutes.  Click here for the first segment.

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Language Objectives

Using native language for objects (animals), match the native language word with the word in English that means the same thing. Use the characteristics of a known animal to describe a lesser known animal.

Academic Content Objectives

Science: Informally classify animals according to similar physical traits. Identify physical traits among wild animals that are present in domesticated animals. Describe wild animals using the physical traits present in similar domesticated animals.

Episode Summary

We take another look at farm animals using a video clip featuring farm animals.  We hear from a doctor from India about the struggles he endured in learning English while practicing medicine. We share strategies employed to master the names of farm animals using native language matched with our target language of English. Then we used the knowledge of farm animals to begin describing wild animals.

Encouragement to English Learners

For all who are on the long, hard road to achieving proficiency in a second language, the are times of embarrassment, struggle, discouragement, and even shame.  Doctor Krishna Gokani shares these experiences with viewers of Ramping Up your English, recalling the struggles of learning to communicate in English while working at a hospital in England.  He’s open about the shame he felt when the nurses perceived his language limitation as lack of intelligence (a common burden born by second language learners). Then he speaks of “the freedom of the tongue” that was a moment of breakthrough. Dr. Gokani learned at least 4 languages besides his native language in India.  He went on to become a TV producer and host for a program entitled Happy Health. Although his English level is below the level of a native English speaker, he discusses issues with guests that can save a person’s life.  I hope that as an intermediate level English learner working to grow in your language, that you can take some encouragement from his story.

Videos used in this episode

First, this is the video on farm animals I intended to use, but the wrong part was played.  It’s worth seeing by clicking here. The video can also be seen on  Click here to watch or download.

Here’s the video clip that was actually used in the program. Here’s the same clip from Click here.

Watch the interview with Dr. Krishna Gokani.

Next Episode

While this episode provides a transition from farm animals to wild animals, our next episode is focused on describing wild animals.  Our research will maintain that focus for all the subsequent episodes in this thematic unit.

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