RUE Episode 45 Animals in Folktales

In this episode, we learn about animals in folktales.  This is an important part of English literature, featuring stories that go back many generations explaining how animals came to get their physical features and behaviors.  We begin establishing the connection between people and animals with face painting, demonstrated by Sassy Cassy.

Our story’s protagonist, Chipmunk Perfect for Animals in Folktales. Photo credit Wikipedia Link to By Phil Armitage –, Public Domain, Creative Commons
















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Language Objectives

While listening to a folktale about animals, mentally picture the story unfolding. Summarize a folktale after hearing it read orally.

Academic Content Objectives

English/Native American Literature: Identify the theme of a folk tale. Summarize the basic plot of a folktale that’s read orally. Infer the moral of a simple folktale.

Special Acknowledgement

I want to acknowledge  Joseph and James Bruchac, the authors of How the Chipmunk Got its Spripes and Illustrator Ariane Dewey. Their book makes this Native American folktale accessible to many people, especially children. Their work was an easy pick for this episode on Animals in Folktales.  I had used their book in my classroom when teaching ESL in elementary school.  It proved a strong support for acquiring better English, and it easily captured and held the interest of my limited-English speakers.  Thanks for producing such great work.

I recommend visiting your local library or book store and reading this over as long as you you still enjoy it.  Remember, reading is a great way to build English vocabulary.  Reading out loud can even help in speaking English.  You can also find their book on  Click here to go right to that page.

Students and teachers can work further with this material by using a study guide. Click here to access this educational resource.

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