RUE Episode 56 African Animals

How many African Animals can you name? Chances are you can name quite a few. The mega fauna of Africa is well-known world-wide. You may have even seen African animals at a zoo.  In this episode, we explore African Animals.

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Episode Overview

We’re increasing your choices for animals to research and on which to report. In this episode, we learn about African Animals; including Elephants, Lions, and giraffes.

Language Objectives

Retell 3 facts from each of the African Animals features in the episode (comprehension).

Academic Content Objectives

Science: Name 3 animals that are found in Africa and describe the type of habitat they inhabit. List the distinguishing characteristics of each of the featured animals. Describe the anatomies of the three animals featured in the video.

Videos Featured in this Episode


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Giraffes (yes, this is where a giraffe tries to eat a video camera.)

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African Lions

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Book Review

In this episode, host John Letz reviewed Spirit of Africa:Natural Spirit of the African Continent from Parragon Book Service. It’s written by Gill Davies and contains photographs of stunning quality. I recommend this book. Look for it at your local library or used book store. The ISBN 13 is: 978-1405486712.

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In Episode 57, we’ll return to Africa to take a look at the diets of some of Africa’s iconic animals. Click here to view Episode 57.

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