RUE Episode 72 Birds and Interrogatives

Birds and Interrogatives!

Let’s Explore Birds

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All About Birds

Birds and Interrogatives
Birds share certain traits, including being warm-blooded and having feathers. Chart by McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing.
Birds and Interrogatives
A few examples of birds. Chart credit: McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing
Birds and Interrogatives
Brown Pelicans have all the traits that make them birds. Photo credit Liz Letz
Birds and Interrogatives
A white Heron flies over the water. Photo Credit Cal Holman.

This episode is all about birds, and about interrogatives. You surely know what birds are. I’ll explain interrogatives a bit later. First, let’s dive right into this episodes with birds of Louisiana, interrogatives, and more.

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Episode 72 Summary

We use birds to help viewers ramp up their use of interrogatives – those words that we use often to ask questions. What is research but asking questions? We start by exploring the bird-like nature of some dinosaurs. Then we learn about some of the birds that live down south in the video Birds of Louisiana.

We follow this brief video with an introduction of interrogatives, pointing out that all common interrogatives except one begin with the letters “WH.” More importantly, we review the type of answer that would be given for each interrogative. See Learning Materials for a list of interrogatives and how they’re used.

Language Objectives

Use interrogatives to compose a sentence that seeks information. Compose an interrogative sentence. Use the proper punctuation at the end of an interrogative sentence to signal that you seek information. Select and use an interrogative that’s appropriate for the type of information you seek.

Academic Content Objectives

Geography: Locate the state of Louisiana on a mapName the geographic region in which Louisiana is located.

Science: Describe the biome marsh in terms of its features. Name 5 birds that can be found in Southwest Louisiana. Give an example of a migratory bird. Explain why some animals migrate.

Lesson Rationale

With the list of English interrogatives looking so similar, it takes some practice to pair the right interrogative with the right information being sought. Watching the Birds of Louisiana, viewers can compose their own interrogative sentences. They can then expand that skill to the subject of their report on an animal of their choice.


Review the clip Birds of Louisiana. Using interrogatives from the list below, write questions about birds seen in the video. For extra practice, write interrogative sentences (questions) about the subject of your research.

Links to Videos Used in this Episode

Episode 72 only features one video: Birds of Louisiana. Click here to see the video.

This same video is on Click here to see Birds of Louisiana ad-free. You can download it too.

Learning Materials Used in this Episode

For quick reference, here’s the list of Interrogatives we used in the episode:







Plus, we briefly mentioned the word…. Which

Birds and Interrogatives
Birds and Interrogatives
Here’s a list of common interrogatives

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