Episode 10 Sequencing

My childhood dream was to ride the Sunset Limited. Thanks to Amtrak, I did.
My childhood dream was to ride the Sunset Limited. Thanks to Amtrak, I did.

Sequencing Skills

Using the westbound route of the Sunset Limited, we learn sequencing skills to ramp up beyond the overused basic words. We pull out of New Orleans and discover the region of Acadiana in Episode 10. You can watch Episode 10 without ads by clicking here.

If you want to watch in  shorter segments, click here to watch segment 1 of Episode 10.  Segment 2. Segment 3.

You can also watch 2 bonus clips right now.  They are listed below.  Each has a duration of about a half hour, and both are expansions of the Eastbound Sunset Limited journey.  The link is located below.

We re-board the Sunset Limited, this time taking this notable train from New Orleans West to Los Angeles.  We actually board in Lafayette, and follow the train Westward through Louisiana into Texas.

Language Objectives:

Use high-level sequencing words to sequence in time and space.

Academic Content Objectives: History: Identify 4 nations that have claimed New Orleans as their territory. Identify a natural disaster in 2005 from which New Orleans is recovering. Name a major bridge ,named for a past governor of Louisiana that crosses the Mississippi River. Geography: Identify the major North American river on which New Orleans is located. Identify the river that forms the boundary between Louisiana and Texas.  Name the largest city in Texas. Describe the type of land form that’s common in South Louisiana.

Video Clips:

Sunset Limited Westbound, Part 1

Train over the Mississippi at St. Louis

Sunset Limited Westbound, Part 2

Sunset Limited Crossing Huey P. Long Bridge

Materials in sequencing:

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Sequencing 10.003
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Sequencing 10.005
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Sequencing 10.002
Slide 2

Sequencing 10.004 Sequencing 10.006 Sequencing 10.007

Sequencing 10.008

Bonus Videos:

Sunset Limited Eastbound 1 Long

Watch the video ad-free by clicking here. You can also download it from this site.

Sunset Limited Eastbound 2 Long

Click here to see the video ad-free on archive.org

These videos are yours to watch as a celebration of completing 10 episodes of Ramping Up your English.  There are no assignments; just the pleasure of watching these train videos.  Enjoy!

We spotlight an excellent book for expanding your knowledge about our theme of Trains and Railroads. You’ll get a glimpse of Southern Pacific Railroad by Brian Soloman.  If you’re growing an interest in railroads, I highly recommend this book.  You may be able to find it at your neighborhood library (remember, don’t be a stranger to your library!).

The book is published by Voyageur Press (isbn 978-0-7603-2931-3).  I ordered mine through Historic Rails, but I don’t know if they still have it. You can visit them at HistoricRail.com.


Use the sequencing words from this episode to describe a multi-step process.  Example: Describe how you prepare breakfast (or any meal).

Link to next Episode:

In Episode 11, we’ll work with some special verbs as we complete our westbound journey on the Sunset Limited.

Episode 11