Episode 16 Using the words Should and Must


Climb aboard the legendary California Zephyr Eastbound and learn to use a couple of very important words in English: Should and Must. Produced on December 10, 2015.  Click here to see the whole program.

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Program Summary:

Viewers are invited to begin a journey on the legendary train the California Zephyr, leaving from Sacramento, California.  This section runs on the Overland Route, part of the first Transcontinental Railroad. Viewers learn about the history of the California Zephyr.

I highly recommend viewing Episode 14 before this one.  It teaches the steps needed to ride a train in the Amtrak system.  Episode 16 builds on that learning to clarify the difference between the words SHOULD and MUST. Several examples are given, and viewers are invited to take a quick quiz to see if you have the right idea about these words.  The terms OUGHT TO and HAVE TO are also included in this lesson.

Video Clips:

Click here to see the first part of the California Zephyr Eastbound.

Click here to see a promotion of a future Ramping Up your English episode.

Language Objectives

Express suggestions and mandates by using the terms should and must. Distinguish between suggestions and mandates by comprehending the meanings of the words should and must.  Express suggestions and mandates by using the terms ought to and have to.

Academic Content Objectives

History/Transportation: Trace the development of the Transcontinental Railroad from Sacramento to the junction with Union Pacific in Promontory, Utah. Recall the historical Donner Party, and the challenges they faced while travelling to California. Explain the cause/effect relationship that resulted in the difficulties of the Donner Party. Geography: Describe the land forms through which the California Zephyr travels.  Name two rivers in the Sacramento area of California.

Learning Activities:

Episode 16.002
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Should and Must

Episode 16.004
Which word goes in the blank? Should or Must. Watch Episode 16, segment 2 to see the correct answer.
Episode 16.005
Again, which word goes in the blank: Should or Must?
Episode 16.006
You can use the words “Ought to” in place of “Should.”
Episode 16.007
You can use the words “have to” instead of “Must.”


Reflecting on the previous episode featuring railroad timetables, write five sentences about what a passenger MUST do in order to ride a train. Then write 5 more sentences of things a passenger SHOULD do to make their trip go well.

Also…discover the meaning of the word tirade.

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