Episode 9 Sunset Limited Eastbound

Sunset Limited New Orleans!

Amtrak’s Eastbound Sunset Limited crosses West Texas and Louisiana in its journey to New Orleans, and you’re aboard with Ramping Up your English.  This episode is all about listening comprehension.  Previously, we saw video clips about passenger trains.  Now let’s see how much you comprehend in these video clips about a specific passenger train. Here’s Episode 9.

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Segments: If you prefer to view this program in segments, click here for segment 1.  Each segment is about 9 minutes long, so if that’s all the time you have, you can watch a segment at a time.  After seeing the first segment, you can click on Segment 2 and on Segment 3.

Language Objectives: Develop greater Listening Comprehension by viewing and listening to 3 video clips repeating many of the same vocabulary words.

Academic Content Objectives: History: Trace the extension of the Southern Route through acquisition of previously established railroads in Texas and Louisiana. Geography: Describe the land form and climate changes from West Texas to East Texas and Louisiana.  Name at least 2 cities served by the Sunset Limited East of El Paso.  Name the terminating city of the Eastbound Sunset Limited.  Identify a food crop common to South Louisiana.  Name the city known as the Rice Capitol of the World.

Episode Focus

In Episode 9, we minimize direct instruction in favor of further supporting our theme.  Consequently, this should pay off in subsequent episodes.

My childhood dream was to ride the Sunset Limited. Thanks to Amtrak, I did.
My childhood dream was to ride the Sunset Limited. Thanks to Amtrak, I did.

Video Clips:

The clips make up the majority of this episode.  Here they are:

Sunset Limited Eastbound, part 3

Watch Sunset Limited Eastbound, part 4

View Sunset Limited Eastbound, part 5

Interesting video NOT used in the program.

We passed a track crew laying down double track in New Mexico.  Click the link below to see a giant track-laying machine.

Track Layer

About Episode 9

There are no language exercises or homework on this page.  From time-to-time it’s best to just practice skills (listening skills in this case) without concentrating on either the structure or the function of your target language.  Therefore, Episode 9 consists of these three video clip and some general information, along with some FAQs.

Looking forward to Episode 10, we continue to journey on the Sunset Limited, and we practice sequencing skills and feature unit material in the form of a book about the Southern Pacific Railroad.  Check it out.