RUE Episode 88: Unit Vocabulary Part 2 – Cahokia

Unit Vocabulary to help with comprehension of our Native Americans Social Studies Unit – that’s the focus of Episode 88 of Ramping Up your English. Welcome! We’ll learn some new words – or explain words you already know – and continue the story of the Bear Family on their journey in Indian Tales.

Artist Rendition of Cahokia Mounds during its occupation by Native American Ancestors. This image is from WTVP’s Illinois Adventures # 13o8.

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Episode Summary

Episode 88 explains the meaning of some words you’ve been hearing in the videos about Native Americans. Viewers have largely been left alone to figure out the meanings of the words they hear in this unit. Here’s a chance to see if you’ve come up with the right meanings as they relate to this topic.

Episode 88 also brings viewers along on the journey of the Bear family as they travel to the Northern California land of the Crane People. It’s the third time we share art of Indian Tales, a collection of stories about this traveling family by writer and researcher Jaime de Angulo. In this installment, the family visits the village of the Hawk Chiefs. After the tale, we identify themes within the story that reflect the values of the Pit River Indians. Jaime de Angulo lived among the Pit River tribe for 40 years, and he was determined that his tales would reflect the true nature of these people.

Our previous episode contained information about the Mississippian mound city of Cahokia. In this episode, viewers watched a video that goes into more depth about the history of Cahokia. The video is Illinois Adventures #1308 from WTVP.

Language Objectives

Define terms that are fundamental to a unit of study. Accurately use terms that pertain to groups of Native Americans. Accurately use terms that relate to the movement of people. Accurately use terms that describe the position of people in a group.

Listening Comprehension: Retell a story. Identify the main characters in a story. Compare and contrast two characters in a story. Identify cultural theme that are reflected in a story

Academic Content Objectives

Explain the terms for groups of Native Americans. Give examples of migratory events involving Native Americans. Identify and explain the roles of leadership in Native American communities. Explain the main roles of religious leaders in Native American groups.

Retell a story involving Native Americans. Identify characters in a Native American Tale. Identify cultural themes in a tale about Native Americans. Trace the development of the mound city of Cahokia. Explain the role of Cahokia in the Mississippian culture period. Locate Cahokia Mounds on a map. Explain the social roles of Cahokia and other Mississippian cities. Relate the timeline for the building of Cahokia. Give possible reasons for the abandonment of Cahokia.

Videos Used in Episode 88

This Episode contained the third segment we’ve featured from Indian Tales by Jaime de Angulo.

Click here to see Indian Tales 3. For the same video without ads, click here to see it on

The video about Cahokia was designed to review some of the unit content; moreover, the viewer’s Listening Comprehension is supported by this video since our previous episode contained much information about Cahokia. Through such reviews, we’re building Comprehensible Input that should advance English Acquisition. Click here to see that video again. It’s from WTVP: Illinois Adventure. This is an outside link to You Tube.

Related Video Links

Cahokia is located east of the Mississippi River. There are mounds on the West side as well. Learn about ancient Americans in Arkansas with the following video. Click here to watch. There may be ads. Click here for a video about Cahokia.

Books Used in this Episode

The one book featured in this episode is Indian Tales by Jaime de Angulo. This outstanding group of tales that relate to the Pit River Indians is still in print. The INBN is 0865475237.

The ISBN-13 is 9780865475236. If you want to hear de Angulo telling his tales on Pacific Radio Archives, click here. That will take you to an audio page on

Learning Materials Used in this Episode

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