RUE Episode 99: Los Espanoles

Episode 99 Summary

Spanish conquistadors followed in the wake of Columbus. This episode traces the expanding influence of Spain on the indigenous people of America. This entire episode is filled with this historical content. In other words, there a very long video – and it has to do with the Spaniards and how their actions affected Native Americans.

Watching Episode 99

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About this Episode

Most episodes of Ramping Up your English feature content in our thematic unit, along with some direct instruction on the use of English for language functions associated with the content. This episode is different. We’re using a pedagogical devise know in the teaching world as “chunking.”

That just means that content takes over in this lesson – with no overt language instruction. Chunking is done to move students through content quickly, so their overall grasp of content is advanced. That makes way for new language functions. This episode focuses on the activities of Spain in the wake of the voyages of Columbus.

Language Activities

Nothing is required at this point except to watch and understand the video clip. Depending on how far you’ve advanced, this may mean watching the episode several times to grasp the content better and develop grated listening comprehension skills.

This episode is also a great opportunity to practice the skills introduced in Episode 98. You can practice making “if” statements to communicate possibility. A few suggestions are listed below.

If Americo Vespucci hadn’t explored parts of the continent…..

If Native Americans had killed Vespucci…

If Hernan Cortez had respected Moctezuma and the Aztec Empire…

If Aztec Warriors had killed all the Spaniards….

If Magellan’s crew hadn’t returned to Spain….

If Balboa hadn’t claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain….

If the Inca Empire had not been in a civil war….

I think you get the idea. You can use these non-events to compose “if” statements – demonstrating possibility.

Video Featured in Episode 99

This episode features a video entitled Los Espanoles. Click here to see the video on

Guides for Making “if” Statements

The guidelines for making “if” statements are explained in Episode 98. Click here to visit the Episode 98 page.

Episode 100

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