RUE Episode 36 Cats 2; The Quiz

The Quiz!  Those words can strike terror in the hearts of even the most serious and dedicated students.  In this episode, we have some quizzes. They’re only for our viewers to see how much they understand from video clips.  The quizzes are not for me or anyone else to see.  We’re working to improve listening proficiency, and the quiz is a tool for helping us reach that goal.

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Language Objectives

Using auditory and visual input, answer comprehension questions about a topic.

Utilize listening Comprehension Skills and strategies to answer questions about an audio/video presentation.

Explain why an answer to a question about an audio/visual presentation is the best out of several choices.

Academic Content Objectives

Animal Science: List the issues to be considered when feeding an adopted cat or kitten.

Identify issues to be considered when adopting a cat.

List the steps that need to be taken in order to adopt a cat from a shelter.

Social Studies:  Communities; Citizenship

Identify the risks to public health associated with stray animals.

List ways that people can help address the problem of stray cats.

Episode Details

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As with Episode 35, this episode features some video of cats, the  most often watched subject matter on You Tube. We also learn more about Committed Alliance to Strays, an organization in Southern Oregon that rescues, brings back to health, and helps get adopted into caring homes stay cats.

Videos Used in Episode 36

(The video segments seen between quizzes all come from the following video clip.) Click on the link below.

Cats 3

Here’s the video from It’s the same, only there’s no ads and you can download as well as view. Click here.

Outside Links


Gary Mark Roberts videotaped much of the footage used in the video clips in this episode.

Learning Materials

Learning Materials Used in this Episode:


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