RUE Episode 65 Ocean Life Physical Adaptations, Part 2

Let’s learn more about Ocean Life Physical Adaptations! There’s so much to learn about animals that live in the ocean, consequently, we present Ocean Life Physical Adaptations, Part 2 in this episode.

Osprey on the Columbia River 2017. Photo by Cal Holman.

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Language Objectives

Use connecting words and phases to show a cause/effect relationship.

Explain a natural process.

Academic Content Objectives

Science: Recognize and list physical adaptations of  animals. Explain the cause/effect relationship between an animal’s adaptations and the advantage those adaptations give the animal. Explain the importance of cause and effect connection to scientific method.

Social Studies – Explain the importance of factual information in making government and civic decisions. Give examples of how the failure to recognize cause/effect relationships can lead to catastrophic results for a group of people.  Explain the role factual cause/effect relationships in making rational decisions.

Videos used in this Episode

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Learning Materials Used in Episode 65

We began Episode 65 with a review of physical adaptations by harbor seals. Here are the materials we used in that review:

Note the large words used to connect the physical adaptation (the CAUSE) with the advantage that adaptation gives the seal (the EFFECT).
Ocean Life Physical Adaptations of Harbor Seals
Harbor Seals adaptations: Cause and Effect

Here’s a list of those connecting words and phrases.


View the examples we gave where we labeled the animals’ adaptations. Add to the list. Name 10 more animals and the traits that are likely to be adaptations. Now use the connecting words and phrases in this lesson to explain the cause/effect relationship between an animal’s physical adaptations and the advantage those traits give the animal in its environment.

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