RUE Unit 1 Trains and Railroads

Improve your English! This is the unit page for Trains and Railroads.

All 32 episodes of our first unit are here.  Simply click below on the episode you want to watch.

Trains and Railroads make up our first theme because it’s a topic that has appeal to people of all ages and from many cultures.  While it’s not what you’d expect as an academic content, the lessons relate to raising your English proficiency in academic and cognitive areas.  Each episode includes video clips of trains.

Notice: For those who realy love trains….

An IMAX movie has been produced entitled Train Time. Click here to visit the official website that includes a trailer. The site includes a schedule of showings. I can’t wait to see it! August 14, 2023.

Click below to begin your journey toward higher English proficiency, regardless of your age or your language background.  I suggest starting with Episode 1.

Trains and Railroads
Trains and Railroads is our first unit. Climb aboard to Ramp Up your English!

Episode 1 Introduction

Episode 2 Vocabulary

Episode 3 Irregular Past Tense Verbs

Episode 4 Using Past Perfect Tense Verbs

Episode 5 Labor History and Pullman Porters

Episode 6 Streamlines

Episode 7 Passenger Trains

Episode 8 Sunset Limited

Episode 9 Sunset Limited Eastbound

Episode 10 Sequencing

Episode 11 Movement verbs and Sunset Limited

Episode 12:Amtrak’s Coast Starlight

Episode 13 Large Vocabulary Lists

Episode 14 Coast Starlight Southbound; Schedules

Episode 15 Amtrak History

Episode 16 Using Should and Must

Episode 17 Description Skills Describing Nature

Episode 18 Understanding Poetry

Episode 19 Understanding Lyrics

Episode 20 Folk Tales

Episode 21 Lyrics 2

Episode 22 Compare and Contrast

Episode 23 Empire Builder Interview

Episode 24 Persuasive Writing

Episode 25 Reading Literature about Trains

Episode 26 Home Language and Culture

Episode 27 Conversation Groups

Episode 28 Southwest Chief and Rail Museum

Episode 29 Alaska State Reports

Episode 30 Canada Rail and Country Reports

Episode 31 Skunk Self Assessment

Episode 32 Tourist Trains


That’s all for the Trains Unit (Unit One).  Beginning with Episode 33, we’ll be in the Animals Unit.  Click here to go to Unit 2 (Animals)