RUE Animals Unit: Unit 2

  Learning English from Animals! Welcome to our Unit page on Animals. This page is your gateway to all the episodes on the theme of Animals, beginning with Episode 33.

Use the links below for all the episodes in the Animals Unit.

Why animals?  How do animals improve my English? Those are good questions, since no animal is likely to teach you higher level English. The unit on animals is a bit more narrow academically than Trains and Railroads, our first unit. It’s a Science unit, yet it’s general enough to engage those who are doing academic work and those who are not. Besides, who hasn’t had experience with some kind of animal? It’s that prior experience that will open the door to Comprehensible Input – a major player in helping you raise your level of English proficiency. Just click on the links below to go directly to our episode pages on Animals. I hope you’ll enjoy this fun and interesting way to use the power of television and the internet to improve your English – in other words – to RAMP IT UP!

For all Episodes on Animals already produced, click below to get to your desired Episode page:

Episode 33 Horses and Sequencing

Episode 34 Horses and Vocabulary

Episode 35 Cats Beginning English Phonics

Episode 36 Cats Listening Comprehension Quiz

Episode 37 Dogs Doggon Words – Vocabulary

Episode 38 Pets Introduction

Episode 39 Pets Comparing and Contrasting Pets

Episode 40 Farm Animals

Episode 41 Farm Animals 2

Episode 42 Farm Animals 3

Episode 43 Farm Animals 4

Episode 44 Wild Animals 1

Episode 45 Animals in Folktales

Episode 46 Describing a Black Bear

Episode 47 Zoos and Discussion Skills Part 1

Episode 48 Zoos and Discussion Skills Part 2

Episode 49 Comparatives and Superlatives

Episode 50 Distribution and Range

Episode 51 Animal Habitat

Episode 52 Biomes

Episode 53 Animal Classification

Episode 54 Wolf Journeys

Episode 55 Latin American Animals

Episode 56 African Animals

Episode 57 African Animals-Diet

Episode 58 Primates

Episode 59 Reptiles: Compare and Contrast

Episode 60 Life Cycles Part 1

Episode 61 Life Cycles Part 2

Episode 62 Life Cycles Part 3 (Salmon Life Cycle)

Episode 63 Ocean Food Chains (Food Webs)

Episode 64 Ocean Animal Adaptations

Episode 65 Adaptations of Ocean Life (Physical Adaptations)

Episode 66 Ocean Life Behavior Adaptations

Episode 67 Behavior Adaptations

Episode 68 Conservation Status

Episode 69 Wildlife Refuge

Episode 70 Endangered Species

Episode 71 Wildlife Savers

Episode 72 Birds and Interrogatives

Episode 73 Smart Birds

Episode 74 Back to Africa

Episode 75 Animal Report Review

Episode 76  Animal Lovers

Episode 77  Animal Talk

Episode 78  Animals Animals (Unit Closing Episode)

Next Unit: Native Americans

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Scope and Sequence

Click here to see details of the episodes in this unit, including Language Objectives and Academic Content Objectives. (Under Construction)