Unit 3: Native Americans

Welcome to the Unit 3 page of Ramping Up your English! This is our first Social Studies Unit, and it’s fitting that is should features the first Americans. The language functions of relating events are the main focus of this unit. We use English words and phrases to relate events in the past and present, as well as possible events (or at least aspirations) of the future.

Learn about the fascinating topic of Native Americans while improving your language skills. Intermediate English learners – click below to choose an episode.

Episode 79 Unit Overview

Episode 80 Since Time immemorial

Episode 81 Past Perfect Verbs

Episode 82 Cougar Mountain Cave

Episode 83 Present Perfect Verbs

Episode 84 Verb Modifiers/Adverbs

Episode 85 Ancient Ones

Episode 86 Past Progressive Verbs

Episode 87 Ancestors Part 1

Episode 88 Unit Vocabulary 2 and Cahokia

Episode 89 Ancestors Part 2

Episode 90 The Calm

Episode 91 Before

Episode 92 Comparing Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive Verb

Episode 93 1491 Part 1 Pre-Columbus

Episode 94 1491 Part 2 Before Columbus

Episode 95 Flint Napping

Episode 96 The Storm

Episode 97 Vocabulary 3

Episode 98 If

Episode 99 Los EspaƱoles

Episode 100 Al North

Episode 101 Al Sur

Episode 102 Missions

Episode 103 Nouvelle France

Episode 104 Comparing and Contrasting

Episode 105 English and Dutch

Episode 106 Borders

Episode 107 United

Episode 108 Removal

Episode 109 Great Plains

Episode 110 Divided

Episode 111 Mythical West

Episode 112 Reservations

Episode 113 California

Episode 114 Pacific Northwest

Episode 115 Oregon